бонус на депозит

Bonuses explained in examples: Ex.1: You make a 1000 USD deposit and get a 500 USD bonus.

Your account balance will be 1000 USD, equity 1000 500=1500 USD, Total bonus 500 USD.

To be able to withdraw this bonus you will need to trade 500/2=250 standard lots, without time limit.

Later you make another 800 USD deposit to your account and get a 400 USD bonus.

Your balance will be 1800 (1000 800) USD, equity will be 2700 (1000 500 800 400) USD, Total bonus will be 900 (500 400) USD.

To be able to withdraw the second bonus you will need to trade another 400/2 standard lots.

In this example after you trade first 250 standard lots and complete the volume requirements for the first deposit bonus in your account, the bonus amount (500 USD) will be withdrawn from the Total bonus, leaving its value at 400 (900 -500) USD.

At the same time the equal amount of money (500 USD) will be added to your account’s balance.

Ex.2: You make 200 USD deposit and get 100 USD bonus.

The balance in your account will be 200 USD, equity 300 USD, Total bonus 100 USD, Active bonus 100 USD.

Then you close 1 unfortunate trade with a loss of 110 USD.

Account balance will be 90 USD, Total bonus will still be 100 USD, but Active bonus will be also 90 USD now, therefore equity will be 180 USD.