бесплатно онлайн блекджек

Play the non-stop party Blackjack Carnival casino game for free online!

It is the carnival-themed online blackjack game from and includes colorful graphics and exciting casino-style gameplay such as side bets and higher wagers.

If you need help during a hand, the betting tips and card counting feature will help you make the right decision in online blackjack. You can click HIT several times, as long as you don't go over 21.

Play Blackjack Carnival and win more than just a handful of beads. When you think that you can beat the dealer with the cards you have, click STAND.

When you are dealt a pair, the SPLIT button will activate.

If you press the button, you will split your online blackjack hand into two separate hands.

The second card of the pair will slide to the right side of the screen.

It will be "on hold" while you play the first part of the hand. Your original bet will apply to your new hand, and each hand will be played out as usual.

If you receive another pair after you split, you can choose to split again.

You can split up to four times in Blackjack Carnival.

Let's say you are dealt a pair of 8's for a total of 16.

16 is unlikely to win as is, and it is likely to bust if you HIT.