bananas go bahamas бесплатно играть

If you fancy taking a fruity little holiday then why not jet off to one of the Caribbean's most popular tourist destinations to spend some time with Billy Banana and his friends in "Bananas Go Bahamas" a Novomatic slot set in the tropical Bahamas.

The bad news is that Billy and his friends have all got separated – but the great news is you can win prizes for finding all of them including Merv the Melon, Sally Strawberry, Pierre the Pineapple and Cheryl the Coconut.

There's also a big chance that Billy will award some Wild Bonuses when you find them, whilst there's also Scattered Suitcases, and the Free Game Feature to play.

With a bit of luck you'll even get chance to chill out in the beach where you might be able to enjoy a bit of slot action on your favourite mobile device, or why not take a Siesta and use your laptop.

With spin-stakes from just 1 coin a spin – it's even cheaper than a cocktail!

Billy and his friends are a lucky bunch as the Bahamas is everything you'd imagine it to be.

Blue skies, a bluer sea, palm trees and sandy beaches – perfect for getting a little fruity!

With prizes up for grabs for finding all of Billy Bananas friends, we've got some clues to where you might find them.

Cheryl the Coconut just loves playing the bongos with some of the locals and if you find her there you can win up to 25,000 coins.

Meanwhile Pierre the Pineapple loves swimming in the clear blue ocean where he'll win you up to 40,000 coins for finding him.

You can also win up to 80,000 coins for finding Sally Strawberry or Merv the Melon, with Sally most likely to be found surfing, whilst Merv is usually found in a hammock sleeping his days away.

Meanwhile, Billy loves to go Wild when he's on holiday, and if he can step-in for any of his friends to make you some more winning pay-lines – he probably will.