автомат crazy fruits

About Crazy Fruits Slot machine Crazy Fruits online offers immersive fun fruit.

Here at the 5 reels you will find funny pictures of watermelon, plums, lemons, cherries, bananas with a surfboard, as well as symbols of the highest card value.

Crazy Fruits Slots is one of the best in the entire series Atronik.

The name of the game has become a kind of brand in the gaming world.

It is played many fans of online casinos around the world! A riot of color and excitement you can experience in a paid or free mode!

Slot machine Crazy Fruits on our website gives a maximum possible major win! Crazy Fruits information This slot has a kind of control panel and interface in general.

It has a green background, which shows pictures of fruit.

In the upper corners of the screen displays the win and the overall balance of the deposit.

Button to apply the correct settings for the game are below the reels. Pay Table displays the corresponding button "Share." Bonus game Slot machine Crazy Fruits Online offers a very exciting bonus round, which is activated on a roll of 3 pictures with the name of the game.

Slot machine Crazy Fruits Online has as many as 20 lines of winning! This slot will not allow you to leave the casino empty-handed! The second key is improving the lives of the player, making the circuit back. Here you will be asked to guess what fruit has a worm.

If you want to have fun and to spend time - choose a slot machine Crazy Fruits! After each correct answer, the account will be transferred to a certain number of points.

How to play Crazy Fruits To play the game you need to install the amount and number of lines. The bonus game in a gaming machine Crazy Fruits ends at the moment when you run into a wormy fruit.