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Casino White Cloud is located in the rolling hills of North East Kansas on the Iowa Tribe Reservation.

Tucked away, Casino White Cloud serves as the best kept secret among the locals.

Offering Blackjack, Bingo, Slots, and a Country Style Buffet. Inside you will find friendly smiles, the best slot machines, and plenty of ACTION!

Casino White Cloud has been awarded readers choice Bronze and Silver from the St.

HOW TO PLAY $1 Rock’n 777s is played by matching “Your Spin Line” to the Prize Legend.

Each ticket will have three (3) Spin Lines consisting of three (3) symbols.

Only one (1) of those lines will be marked “Your Spin Line”.

HOW TO WIN Match “Your Spin Line” to the Prize Legend and win that prize.

It seems that many developers have a difficult time translating casino games to a video game format.

When you take away the stakes of having your own hard-earned cash on the line, the experience can come across as feeling hollow and pointless.

One would think that this could be easily sidestepped by introducing some kind of in-game reward system that players can spend their virtual cash on, but no e Shop developer has thought to implement this.

Jackpot 777 is no different - it's an exercise in patience and nothing more.