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Paragon is known for the thrills of the casino and the luxury of the resort.

But, truth be told, the shopping is fantastic, too.

Whether you like the latest fashions, chic jewelry, impressive art, handmade furniture or gifts to bring to loved ones back home, you'll find just what you had in mind – and some things you didn't – at the shops at Paragon. Find local folk art, cookbooks, furniture, Paragon logo items, snacks, beverages, tobacco products, Mári Showroom tickets and more.

Call 1-800-946-1946 extension 6657 for more information and hours of operation. Shop for the most popular fragrances, eye wear and handbags.

You'll find the perfect gift – for yourself or someone else.

Call 1-800-946-1946 extension 6393 for more information and hours of operation.

Buffet may have special pricing on holidays and special events.

Atlantic Café available on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday AM cruises but not available on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday PM cruises.

À la Carte menu is available, for your dining needs, on Deck 1.

— A 42-year old mother of two has died after a casino shuttle boat caught fire on Sunday afternoon on the Gulf Coast in Port Richey.

The shuttle boat was carrying 50 people to a casino ship when it became engulfed in flames forcing passengers and crew members to jump into the water on one of the coldest days of the season.

One man who was on board tells us he does not know how to swim.